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"Brooks Braga has been an excellent strength coach and partner for me in my journey towards the big leagues. The first time I met with Brooks, he assessed my entire body to pinpoint areas of weakness and imbalance, and has now taken that information to formulate an extremely well rounded offseason plan. I am especially impressed with Brooks' knowledge of the fine details of how the body works and how it relates to baseball, but perhaps more importantly, his unmatched commitment and dedication to getting the very most out of each player. By training with Brooks' I know I am not only working hard, but I am also working smart, which gives me a huge advantage over most other players."


Ben Heller

Cleveland Indians Organization

“Brooks Braga was a great workout partner, teammate and friend. He has the ability to motivate and further himself and future clients. I would work out with Brooks for months and saw dramatic changes in my physical appearance, energy levels, strength and stamina.  He also writes my workouts for the off-season.  Brooks' training will change, challenge and improve your mindset in every aspect of your sport and life. Brooks' knowledge and commitment to his work provide the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for any client to achieve their goals!"


Joel Effertz

Miami Marlins Organization

"I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Brooks' mentor, Eric Cressey, in Jupiter, FL.  Before returning home to Wisconsin, Brooks came highly recommended.  I am thrilled that the transition from Cressey, the nationally known trainer for professional baseball players, was seamless.  Brooks has tremendous knowledge about the human body and the ability to maximize an athlete's potential.  I am confident that with his help and preparation I will be able to develop my skills with the proper techniques that are baseball-specific.  His talents go beyond his training ability in that he is professional, genuine, and hard working.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him and hope to do so for years to come."


Nathan Mikolas

New York Yankees Organization 

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