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"Healthy" Foods with Hidden Sugar: Greek Yogurt

Paleo and vegan – two words that really shouldn't be in the same sentence.

These two diets couldn’t be on further ends of the spectrum from one another but they have something in common – people who commit to them often have incredible results.

What’s the common denominator? They cut out added sugar!

Most people are amazed when they find out just how much added sugar is hiding in many of today’s common “health foods.”

I took a trip to the grocery store recently to dig up some dirt…

"Health" foods that aren't: flavored Greek yogurt


  • 15 grams of sugar - that's almost four teaspoons!

What does four teaspoons look like?

  • "Evaporated cane juice" - a fancy name for "refined sugar" - is the third ingredient!

Instead of going with the flavored greek yogurt options at your grocery store, consider opting for the PLAIN versions and adding in your own fruit. This will save you a considerable amount of refined sugar and a blood sugar spike in the process.

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