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"Health" Foods with Hidden Sugar: Clif Bars

"Paleo" and "vegan" – two words that really shouldn't be in the same sentence.

These two diets couldn’t be on further ends of the spectrum from one another, but they have something in common – people who commit to them often have incredible results.

What’s the common denominator? They cut out added sugar!

Most people are amazed when they find out just how much added sugar is hiding in many of today’s common “health foods.” Given that hidden sugar is a metabolism killer, it's important to learn the art of label-reading.

I took a trip to the grocery store recently to dig up some dirt…

"Health" foods that aren't: Clif Bars


  • Brown rice syrup (sugar) is the FIRST INGREDIENT!

  • Cane syrup (sugar) is up near the top

  • 21 grams of sugar per bar!

21 grams is over 5 teaspoons of sugar...which is one more teaspoon than this:

Consider snacking on things like nuts, beef jerky, coconut products, or making your own low-sugar energy bars. One of my favorites is the Primal Energy Bar from Give it a try!

If you want my FREE eBook, “10 Secrets Learned from Training 100+ Pro Athletes at Cressey Sports Performance,” be sure to sign up for the free newsletter below and I'll get you hooked up!


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